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    • The Living Museum vol. 63, no. 04; winter, 2001-2

    • Museums -- collection management; Landscape painting -- Atkinson, George; Cultural exchanges -- Illinois -- Russia; Index -- volume 63; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Journey of an artifact; Artful documentary: George Atkinson; From the Russian steppes to the Illinois prairie; Volume 63 index; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 44, no. 02; Spring, 1982

    • Archaeology -- Dickson Mounds; Depression glass; Art -- Acquisitions; Art exhibitions -- Illinois -- Photographers; Museums -- Travel -- St. Francois mountains; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Kimmswick Site; Indians of North America -- Clovis people;...
    • Dickson Mounds: rich site for archaeologists; Story behind depression era glass; Art: recent acquisitions; Illinois photographers '82; Active volcanoes in Missouri?; Clovis peoples in the Midwest: importance of the Kimmswick site; Books: Exploring...
    • The Living Museum vol. 47, no. 01; Winter, 1985

    • Art exhibitions -- Thecla, Julia ; Art -- Acquisitions; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Napoleon Hollow site; Indians of North America -- Archaic; Museum employees -- Evans, Robert; Museum publications; Museums -- Travel --Aztalan; Museum exhibits --...
    • Julia Thecla: painter of magic worlds and private visions; Archaic period occupations at the Napoleon Hollow site; Evans accepts directorship of Tarble Arts Center; New publications; Archaeology study tour of Aztalan, Effigy Mounds, and the...
    • The Living Museum vol. 58, no. 02, 03; Summer/Fall, 1996

    • Museums techniques -- Zoological specimens -- taxidermy; Akeley, Carl; Quiltmakers -- Fallert, Caryl Bryer; Art exhibitions -- American painting -- (Un)earthly delights; Feathers -- Religious aspects -- Feather distribution project; Paleobotany...
    • The taxidermist's historic role in museum exhibits; The textile art of Caryl Bryer Fallert; (un)earthly delights: an exhibit by 5 Illinois artists; 4,000,000 gifts for the gods: the feather distribution project; George Langford, Sr., amateur...
    • The Living Museum vol. 46, no. 02; Spring, 1984

    • Museum exhibits -- Peoples of the past; Indians of North America -- Illinois -- Culture; Ethnobotany -- Plant use; Hunting -- History -- North America; Art -- Acquisitions; Museum publications -- Guide -- Illinois archaeology; Museum exhibits --...
    • Peoples of the past: a foreword; Early Native Americans in Illinois; Early uses of plants in Illinois; Art: recent acquisitions; Guidebook to Illinois archaeology; Summer archaeology tours; calendar; Hudson river sampler tour
    • The Living Museum vol. 61, no. 04; winter 1999-2000

    • Index -- volume 61; Computer-aided instruction -- museum applications; Museum exhibits -- Amish quilts; Photography -- Ridgway, Robert; Human remains (Archaeology) -- Methodology -- osteology; Sparrows -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Electronic pathways: the Illinois State Museum in the Information Age; Log Jam on the Embarrass: an image from the Museum's Ridgway Archives; The Beauty of Bones, part two: human osteology and the lifeways of the historic Illinois Indians; A small...
    • The Living Museum vol. 54, no. 01, 1992

    • Indians of North America -- pottery; Museums -- research -- DNA; Museums -- development -- Illinois State Museum Society; Art exhibitions -- calendar; Mr. Imagination; Nettles, Bea; Geichman, Judith; Altman, Edith; Museum publications --...
    • Pre-Columbian pottery: form, function , and symbol; Discovering a Final Frontier; Partners for the Future; Upcoming art exhibitions; Living in the past; Calendar; Thinking Modern
    • The Living Museum vol. 48, no. 01; Winter, 1986

    • Museums -- Collections -- Roder, Conrad; Wildflowers -- Erigenia bulbosa -- Harbinger-of-spring; Birds -- Finches; Museums -- Shops; Art exhibitions -- Montgomery, Alfred; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Acquisitions -- Doll carriage
    • Illinois painting to share with millions; Harbinger of spring; House finches in Illinois; Illinois artisans shop opens in Chicago; Alfred Montgomery: farmer painter; Calendar; Recent acquisitions
    • The Living Museum vol. 43, no. 02,03, 1981

    • Entomology -- Collections -- Ecuador; Lepidoptera -- Ecuador; Museum exhibits -- Eifert, Virginia; Photography -- Illinois -- Ridgway, Robert; Art -- Acquisitions; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Research -- Quaternary studies; Art...
    • Insect collector's paradise; In honor of Virginia S. Eifert; 100 Years ago...on the Wabash; Art: recent acquisitions; Calendar; Quaternary studies & the Illinois state museum; Call for entries; Dyes: an Amerindian applied decorative technique;...
    • The Living Museum vol.76 no. 02,03; Spring 2015

    • Bevier Historic Clothing Collection; Museum collections -- Clothing and dress -- Collectors and collections -- Illinois -- 20th century; Museum collections -- Fashion -- Collectors and collections -- Illinois -- 20th century; Trebilcock, Lorraine
    • From the Illinois State Museum Director Bonnie Styles; Changing fashion, changing lives;
    • The Living Museum vol. 59, no. 01, 02; Spring/Summer, 1997

    • Spiders -- webs; Museum exhibits -- Dickson Mounds Museum -- Four Moons Festival; Museum techniques -- collections management -- Native American antiquities -- Dickson Mounds Museum; Quilts -- Stenge, Bertha; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Spider...
    • Casting a sticky trap: spiders and the predatory ways; Converesation piece; Photographic Documentation Project; A cut and stitch above: quilts by Bertha Stenge; Calendar; Spider gorget
    • The Living Museum vol. 64, no. 04;  winter, 2002-3

    • Museums -- Funding; Museums -- History -- Illinois State Museum Society; Art exhibitions -- Shoshannah; Hoffman, Susanna Siporin; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Travel tours
    • Illinois State Museum Society, 1952 - 2002: museum's partner celebrates its golden anniversary; Shoshannah; Museum calendar; Ruins, rugs, and rails: third ISMS southwestern tour
    • The Living Museum vol. 35, no. 06; Nov. - Dec., 1973

    • Rocking horses; Art and state -- FAP -- Illinois; Indians of North America -- Illinois; Museums -- Employees -- Klippel, Walter E.; Museums -- Employees -- Pierceall, Karen; Museums -- Employees -- Evans, Robert; Index -- volume 35; Museums --...
    • Heigh-ho, the rocking horse; Federal Art Project of the 1930s; Recent native heritage of central Illinois; Dr. Klippel named head of museum's anthropology department; Mrs. Pierceall becomes assistant to museum director; Art curator displays work;...
    • The Living Museum vol. 46, no. 05, 1984

    • Museum employees; Annual reports; Museums -- Annual reports
    • Introduction; Scientific sections; Art section; Exhibits, education, and technical services; Dickson Mounds Museum; Illinois State Museum Society; Staff; Donors; Volunteers; Acquisitions; Museum publications; Staff publications; Technical reports;...
    • The Living Museum vol. 53, no. 03

    • Mammoths -- Hair; Ethnozoology -- Illinois -- Location patterns; French Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Photography; Bird watching; Museum publications -- Excerpts; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Publications
    • A mammoth's coat in the fall; Animal exploitation patterns in "Illinois Country": an archaeological perspective; Birth of "Spirited Visions"; Searching for birds in the Midwest; Living in the past; Calendar; Curator's bookshelf
    • The Living Museum vol. 58, no. 01; Spring, 1996

    • Coffins -- Illinois -- 19th century; Museum employees -- editor -- Britton, Kimberly; Botany -- species identification; Museum employees -- Robinson, Orvetta; Museum employees -- Langer, Dorothy; Indians of North America -- Pueblo pottery --...
    • Kimberly K. Britton appointed Museum editor; In a box of pine: coffins from the Grafton historic cemetery; Saluting years of their faithful service; Pueblo ceramic figurines; Friends are for keeps!; North American pollen database; Shape of things...
    • The Living Museum vol. 63, no.0 3;  fall, 2001

    • Art and state -- Illinois -- Federal Art Projects; Computer-aided instruction -- museum applications; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Work - People - Art: Federal Art Projects in Illinois during the Great Depression; New approach to museum exhibition; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 51, no. 01, 1989

    • Museums -- publications -- anniversary; Art exhibitions -- Baum, Don; Museum buildings -- State of Illinois art gallery; Museum exhibits -- illustration -- Children's books; Museum buildings -- Lockport gallery; Archaeology -- Mississippian...
    • The Living Museum turns 50; Don Baum: Domus; Artist, the book, and the Child; Mississippian society and culture; Calendar; Illinois State museum Society; Curator's bookshelf
    • The Living Museum vol. 57, no. 03; Fall, 1995

    • Handicrafts -- Illinois -- Artisans program; Tramp art -- Collections and collectors -- Illinois State Museum; Mammoths -- Russia ; Murals -- Illinois -- Chicago; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Craft: the living art for Illinois artisans; Conversation piece: 'Find the missing man'; Sojourning with Russian mammoths; Healing walls: murals and community; Shape of things to come
    • The Living Museum vol. 41, no. 03; Summer, 1979

    • Excavations (Archaeology) -- Twenhafel site -- Missouri; Indians of North America -- Gardening; Art exhibitions -- Handicrafts -- Illinois; Archaeology -- Rituals; Indians of North America -- Sun dance; Art -- Acquisitions; Museum exhibits --...
    • Twenhafel: prehistoric community on the Mississippi; Recreating an Indian garden; Illinois Crafts '79; Sun dance: an archaeological look at a modern site; Art: recent acquisitions; Calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 53, no. 01, 1991

    • Indians of North America -- Illinois -- Archaic; Woven matting; Shell beads; Art exhibitions -- Abercrombie, Gertrude ; Museums -- educational aspects -- Brown bag lectures; Museums -- educational aspects -- Nagy, Moholy L.; Museum exhibits --...
    • Modoc matting and beads: cultural complexity in the early archaic period; Gertrude Abercrombie Revisited; Food for Thought: Lunchtime at the Museum's Research and Collections center; 26in motion; Calendar; Curator's bookshelf
    • The Living Museum vol. 57, no. 01, 1995

    • Museums -- buildings -- Dickson Mounds Museum; Museums -- educational aspects -- Dickson Mounds Museum; Museums -- programs -- Dickson Mounds Museum; Museum exhibits -- Indians of North America -- Dickson Mounds Museum; Museums -- history --...
    • A new view of the past: the renovated Dickson Mounds Museum; New directions in educational programming at DMM; New exhibits in an old place: origins and interpretations; Two centuries of development at Dickson Mounds; Shape of things to come
    • The Living Museum vol. 62, no. 03, 2000

    • Museums -- research; Natural history -- study and teaching; Museums - acquisitions; Coen, Eleanor; Kahn, Max; Hoff, Margo; Florsheim, Richard; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Landscape history at the Illinois State Museum; Art additions; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 41, no. 01; Winter, 1978-79

    • Glaciers -- Illinois; Indians of North America -- Ice-free corridor; Paleontology -- Elephant hunting -- North America; Indians of North America -- Great Lakes -- Beads; Bird migration -- Range extension; Museum employees -- Ridgely, Frances --...
    • Ancient glaciers in Illinois; Ice-free corridor: prehistoric pathway; Elephant hunters in North America; Beads: upper Great Lakes Indians; Overmigration: a method of range expansion?; In memoriam; Calendar; East African geologic safari
    • The Living Museum vol. 62, no. 01,02, 2000

    • Museum exhibits -- Amish quilts; Amish -- culture; Military training camps -- Illinois -- world war, 1939-1945; Prisoners of war -- Illinois -- Camp Ellis; Museum acquisitions -- Robnet, Stephen Scott; Artist -- aka Jonathan Flew; Birdsong --...
    • Discovering Illinois Amish quilts; Reveille to retreat: the story of Camp Ellis in World War II; Gifted artist-turned-writer gives gift; Singing in Sangamon County; preliminary dates on cessation of song in selected species; Mary Juan, Maricopa...
    • The Living Museum vol. 73, no. 03; Summer, 2011

    • Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Dickson Mounds Museum (Lewistown, Ill.); Archaeological museums and collections -- Illinois; Native Americans of North America -- History; Excavation (Archaeology) -- Illinois; Dickson, Don F.; ; Cole, Faye Cooper
    • Igniting the torch: amateurs, adventure, and the advent of american archaeology; Exhibition calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 56, no. 01; Spring, 1994

    • Palynology -- pollen, fossil; Museum techniques -- exhibit artists; ; Indians of North America -- dogs; Museum exhibits -- U.S. in World War II -- activity; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- People at war -- dolls; Museum exhibits...
    • Viewing an ancient world from a frozen lake; M.K. Hoffman: museum preparator extraordinaire; Ancient companions
    • The Living Museum vol. 61, no. 03; Fall, 1999

    • Art exhibitions -- Halkin, Theodore; Museum publications -- Illinois State Museum; Human remains (Archaeology) -- Methodology -- bones; skeletons -- study and learning; Museums -- acquisitions -- Art; Bramson, Phyllis; Spear, Ethel; Prussian,...
    • Theodore Halkin: A retrospective; The beauty of Bones, part one; Art Additions; Museum calendar
    • The Living museum vol. 55, no. 03; Fall, 1993

    • Museum exhibits -- Dickson Mounds; Dinosaurs -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- handicrafts -- Illinois -- Illinois Art Gallery; Museums -- educational aspects -- Peoples of the past; Museum publications -- excerpts; Art exhibitions -- Prussian,...
    • Exhibits at Dickson Mounds - a continuing story; Dinosaurs in Illinois; Illinois Art Gallery: On exhibit; Discoveries for kids!; Living in the past; Conversation piece; Calendar; New Exhibits at Dickson Mounds - a continuing story; Dinosaurs in...
    • The Living Museum vol. 45, no. 01; Winter, 1983

    • Archaeology -- Modoc Rock; Abercrombie, Gertrude; Ethnology -- Indians of North America -- Dolls; Fossils -- Psaronius; Museums -- Travel -- East Africa; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Travel -- Chicago -- Dutch painting
    • Modoc rock shelter: new stories from an old site; Magic of Gertrude Abercrombie; Native American tools; Psaronius, tree fern of the coal age; East African geologic and wildlife safari; Calendar; Sampler tour: Art Institute of Chicago's Dutch...
    • The Living Museum vol. 54, no. 04, 1992

    • Museums exhibits -- At home in the heartland; Index -- volume 54; Museum techniques -- At home in the heartland; museums -- conservation -- piano; Museum exhibits -- interactive video; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • "At home in the heartland,the he a foreword; um tecAt home in the heartlande hear is an exhibit about ...; Creation of an exhibit; A piano (and other furniture) conserved: the inside story; 'Voices and choices': an innovative interactive video...
    • The Living Museum vol. 55, no. 02, 1993

    • Cultural exchange -- Russia; Cultural exchange -- United States; Museums -- educational aspects -- teacher training -- science; Art exhibitions -- Hammons, David; Handicrafts -- Illinois; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits --...
    • From the grand prairie to the mighty Neva; Teaching teachers about science; David Hammons : hometown; Crafting currents; Living in the past; Calendar; FOCI: Philip hanson
    • The Living Museum vol. 54, no. 02, 1992

    • Indians of North America -- pottery; Paleobotany -- Patagonia; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museums -- research -- curators; Museum exhibits -- At Home in the Heartland; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Crinoidea, fossil; Archaeology --...
    • Native North American pottery: the Illinois State Museum collection; Travels in Patagonia: Adventures in Paleobotany; On the edge: museum scientists in action; What is 'At home in the heartland?'; Calendar; Page for Discovery: Crinoids; Illinois...
    • The Living Museum vol. 74,no. 3 & 4, Spring 2013

    • Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Quiltmakers -- Illinois -- History -- 19th Century -- Exhibitions; American Civil War (1861-1865); Quilts -- United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Women; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 --...
    • Around the state with Director Bonnie Styles; Civil War quilters: loyal hearts of Illinois
    • The Living Museum vol. 60, no. 02; Summer, Fall, 1998

    • Human remains (Archaeology) -- Repatriation -- Illinois; Lepidoptera -- Illinois; Indians of North America -- Southeastern United States; Indians of North America -- folklore -- insects; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Museum employees -- retirement...
    • Illini Archaeology: cultural heritage and repatriation; Illinois moths and butterflies; The birdman and the insect; Museum calendar; Assistant Museum Directopr Edward A. Munyer retires
    • The Living Museum vol. 48, no. 04; Autumn, 1986

    • Fluorspar - mining -- Illinois; Water pollution -- industry -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- Liberty; Art exhibitions -- poetry -- paintings; Index -- volume 48; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Fabulous fluorite; Industrial middens: the legacy of Illinois' industrial past; Liberties with Liberty; Illinois prairies: a sense of place; Calendar; Index volume 48
    • The Living Museum vol. 48, no. 03; Summer, 1986

    • Archaeobotany -- Indian gardening; Museum exhibits -- Sculpture -- 38th Illinois invitational; Archaeology -- Indians of North America -- Spider gorget; Museum shops; Museum employees -- Memoriam -- Rosentreter, Richard C.; Museum publications --...
    • Creating an Indian garden; Thirty-eighth Illinois invitational: sculpture; New Eddyville gorget from the Illinois river valley; Illinois State Museum gift shops; Volcanoes: Illinois' forgotten geologic legacy; In memory; New geology book to be...
    • The Living Museum vol. 55, no. 01; Spring, 1993

    • Armadillos; Fish decoys; Decoy fishing -- history; French -- Illinois -- Peoria -- History; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Moths -- identification; Butterflies -- identification; Museum exhibits -- Pueblo pottery
    • Armadillos: invasion or return?; Ancient art of decoy fishing; French Peoria; Living in the past; Calendar; Pueblo pottery of the American southwest
    • The Living Museum vol. 60, no. 01; spring, summer 1998

    • Natural history -- Illinois -- Emiquon; Indians of North America -- Illini; Museum exhibits -- basketry -- From Limb to Limb; Museum exhibits -- bird nests; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Emiquon: a place in nature, a place in time; Illini indiands in the Illinois Country, 1673- 1882; From limb to limb; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 54, no. 03, 1992

    • Naturalists -- Lockhart, James; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Illinois -- Potowatomi site; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Navajo weaving
    • Rooted in Nature: the art of James Lockhart; Archaeological investigations at a nineteenth century Potawatomi site in northeastern Illinois; Living in the past; Calendar; Page for discovery: Eye dazzlers -the work of Navajo weavers
    • The Living Museum vol. 75, no. 3,4; Spring & Summer, 2014

    • Museum exhibits -- calendar; Annual reports; Biennial reports
    • Inspiring discovery & caring: Illinois State Museum biennial report 2012 & 2013; ISM-Springfield; Research & Collections Center; Dickson Mounds Museum; Southern Illinois Art & Artisans Center; ISM-Chicago Gallery; ISM-Lockport Gallery;...


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