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    • The Living Museum vol.  06, no. 10; Feb., 1945

    • Squid; Museums -- Film programs; Trees -- Illinois -- 19th century; Museums -- Educational aspects -- School loans; Forest conservation -- Illinois; War and weather; Art exhibitions -- Wood sculpture -- Goethe, Joseph; Art exhibitions -- Oil...
    • Loligo, the squid; 'High country'; Trees that Lincoln knew; Museum services to schools; Future of the forest; Weather fights the war; Art gallery in February
    • The Living Museum vol. 72, no. 02, 03; Summer, 2010

    • Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Art exhibitions -- Drawing -- Illinois State Museum; Art exhibitions -- Painting -- Illinois State Museum; Paper art -- Illinois State Museum -- Exhibitions -- Catalogs; Art, paper -- Illinois State Museum --...
    • On & of paper: selections from the Illinois State Museum collections; Around the state with director Bonnie Styles; Joseph C. Hennessy Remembered
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no. 10; February, 1942

    • Spring; Indians of North America -- Katchinas; Film review -- Deusing, Murl; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors; Art exhibitions -- Cartoons -- King, Frank; Art exhibitions -- Photographs -- Eastman Kodak Company contest; Exhibitions -- Philippines --...
    • Inevitably, spring; Katchinas; Wild wings; Art gallery in February; Museum and the Philippines; Preparator's art; Broadening horizons
    • The Living Museum vol.  08, no.  01; May, 1946

    • Mayapples; Bird eggs; Art exhibitions -- Illinois colleges; Art exhibitions -- Mink, David; Art exhibitions -- Chinese woodcuts; Indians of North America -- Mound -- Illinois; Wetlands; Mushrooms
    • Mayapples; Eggs without nests; Exhibition of Illinois college; One man show of painting; Chinese woodcuts in south gallery; Havana Mounds; Marsh in May; 'Exploring for mushrooms'
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  09; January, 1942

    • Quartz; Museums -- Educational aspects -- Animals; Pines; Hornet nests; Museums -- Wartime; Art exhibitions -- Paintings -- Tolpo. Carl -- Tolpo, Lily; Art exhibitions -- Illinois Art Project; Art exhibitions -- Illustrations -- Eifert, Virginia;...
    • Magic mineral; Ground squirrel and the youth museum; Pines; Hornet's nest in winter; War and the museum; Art gallery in January
    • The Living Museum vol. 73, no. 01,02; Spring, 2011

    • Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Art Exhibitions -- Illinois Artists -- 20th Century; Art exhibitions -- Illinois Artists -- 21st Century; Art exhibitions -- Illinois State Museum -- Gallery guides; Art, American -- Illinois; Artists -- Illinois;...
    • Luminous ground: artists with histories; Exhibition Calendar; Around the state with director Bonnie Styles
    • The Living Museum vol. 76, no. 01; Fall 2014

    • Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Art exhibitions -- Drawing -- Illinois State Museum; Art exhibitions -- Sketching -- Illinois State Museum; Art exhibitions -- Sketches; Passenger Pigeon; Extinct birds
    • Around the state with Director Bonnie Styles; Sketches, journals, preparations…everything in place; A lesson from the passenger pigeon
    • The Living Museum vol.  07, no.  06; Oct., 1945

    • Pecans -- Illinois; Hills -- Illinois-- Calhoun County; Art exhibitions -- Early American glass; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors -- Mason, Roy; Art exhibitions -- Drawings -- MOMA; Museums -- Films; Dung beetle; Uranium ore; Nature -- October;...
    • Illinois pecan; Calhoun hills; Art gallery in October; Tumble bug; Uranium and the atom; October wings
    • The Living Museum vol.  08, no.  02; June, 1946

    • Buzzards; Flint knapping; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors -- Mink, David; Art exhibitions -- Illinois colleges; Poison ivy; Art exhibitions -- Oil painting -- Abbot, Edith A.; Young birds
    • Buzzard country; Making of an arrowhead; One man show of painting by David Mink; Exhibition of college art; Poison ivy; Oil paintings by Edith R. Abbot; Hungry ones
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  07; November, 1942

    • Leaf fall; Hibernation; Black widow spiders; Museums - Conferences; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors -- American Federation of Art; Art exhibitions -- Chinese art -- Stone heads; Bread -- History; Museum exhibitions -- Snakes; Museum trustees --...
    • Sleepers; Black widow; Midwest museums conference; Art gallery in November; Story of bread; Have you seen these new exhibits?
    • The Living Museum vol. 33, no. 01; Jan. - Feb., 1971

    • Doll costumes -- Schmidt, Minna; Wasps -- Adobe nests; African art as primitive; Art exhibitions -- African American Art; Art exhibitions -- paintings -- Sidman, Marjorie; Museums -- Programs
    • Minna Schmidt, Costume Expert; Adobe nests of solitary wasps; Arts of primitive peoples; Black American artists/1971; Acrylic paintings of Marjorie Sidman; Saturday morning adventure programs
    • The Living Museum vol. 17, no. 10; February, 1956

    • Museum exhibits -- Indians of North America; Museums -- Employees -- Fuller, George D. -- Retirement; Art exhibitions -- West African art -- Bascom, William; Art exhibitions -- National League of American Pen Women; Museums -- Employees --...
    • Indians are back; Dr. Fuller retires; 'Vascular plants of Illinois'; West African art on display; Hunter gallery; Art gallery in February; Appointed secretary-treasurer of conference; Museum news and notes
    • The Living Museum vol. 51, no. 02, 1989

    • Museums -- traveling exhibits -- Harvesting the River -- boats; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; museums -- preparators; Mammoths; Mastodons; Museums -- tours -- Africa; Museums -- tour -- Harvesting the river
    • Voice from the river: part 2. Life afloat; "Mastodon Factory" at the museum; Calendar; Page for discovery: Mammoth or Mastodon: What is the difference?; Wildlife and conservation tour of Africa
    • The Living Museum vol. 15, no. 10; Feb., 1954

    • Lincoln, Abraham -- Illinois; Hazelnuts -- Catkins; Art exhibitions -- Japanese prints; Art exhibitions -- Chinese porcelains; Museums -- Educational aspects -- Programs; Sangamo town -- Illinois -- History
    • Lincolns come to Illinois; First flower; Art gallery in February; Chinese porcelains in the museum; Saturday morning adventure programs; Road to Sangamo town
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no. 10; February, 1943

    • Portraiture -- China; Trees -- Flowers; Museums -- Educational aspects; Ice storms; Art exhibitions -- Featherstone, Beulah; Art exhibitions -- Chinese tapestries; Ceramics -- Finland; Lake -- Illinois -- Sangamon County; Museum publications
    • Honorable ancestor; Portent of spring; School class in the museum; Ice storm; Art gallery in February; Finnish ceramics and glass; Story of a lake
    • The Living Museum vol. 34, no. 01; Jan. - Feb., 1972

    • Purple martins -- Wade, J.L.; Art exhibitions -- Prints -- Audubon, John James; Art exhibitions -- Bradshaw, Glenn; Fossils, Plant -- Lacoea; Museums -- Trustees -- Appointment -- Liberta, A.E.; Eagles -- Mississippi River; Museums -- Programs
    • Mosquitoes, purple martins, and art; Three points of view; Lacoea, an unusual plant fossil; Museum Board member appointed; Icy rivers and wintering eagles; Saturday morning adventure programs;
    • The Living Museum vol.  07, no.  05; Sept., 1945

    • Bats; Blue lobelia; Bird migration; Great blue heron; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors -- Heitland, Emerton; Art exhibitions -- Women Artists' Salon; Museum trustees -- Barnes, R. Magoon; Forests;
    • Bats on the wing; Blue blossoms in September; Sky route, south; 'Bright feathers'; Art gallery in September; Museum loses a board member; Forests
    • The Living Museum vol. 31, no.  09; January, 1970

    • Ice industry -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Landscape painting -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Lasansky, Mauricio; Museums -- Publications -- Eifert, Virginia
    • Ice harvest days; New Illinois landscapes; Mauricio Lasansky - prints from the Donald Crouch collection; 'The story of Illinois' reprinted
    • The Living Museum vol. 28, no.  05; Sept., 1966

    • Art exhibitions -- 19th north Mississippi valley artists; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors; Tiger beetles; Museum research -- Iran; Aquatic plants -- Illinois
    • Art in the summer gallery; Coming in October; Of tigers and tiger beetles; Museum expedition to Iran; Aquatic plants of Illinois
    • The Living Museum vol. 57, no. 02; Summer, 1995

    • Unionoida -- Ecology; Art exhibitions -- Armin, Emil; Mammoths -- Russia; Art exhibitions -- Green, Gary; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Illinois mussels: the silent storytellers; Sojourning with Russian mammoths: a first step; Gary Green off canvas; Living in the past; Shape of things to come
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  09; January, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Dioramas -- French garden; Museum Exhibits -- Dioramas -- Frost, Bartlett; Children's museum -- Modern Youth Museum -- exhibits; Museum exhibits -- Photographs -- Herbarium sheets; Starved Rock -- Illinois; Woodland path; Art...
    • Story of the dioramas; Modern youth museum; Winter rock; Along the woodland path, no. 7; Art gallery in January; New exhibits for the new year; Seas of today and yesterday
    • The Living Museum vol. 27, no.  04; August, 1965

    • Art exhibitions -- 18th annual north Mississippi valley artists; Slender glass snake -- Ophisaurus attenuatus; Art exhibitions -- Sculpture -- Minerals; Plant galls; Museum exhibits
    • Art in the summer gallery; Slender glass snake; Minerals in modern art; Plant plus insect equals gall; August in the museum
    • The Living Museum vol.  06, no.  07; Nov, 1944

    • Oaks; Blue racer snake; Art exhibitions -- Paintings -- Brown County, Indiana artists; Art exhibitions -- Pottery -- Newcomb Guild -- New Orleans Hooded mergansers; Food -- United States -- History; Lectures -- Hatt, Robert T. -- Volcanoes; Museums...
    • These are the oaks; Blue Race; Paintings and pottery in November; Streamlined merganser; 'If man hath meat'
    • The Living Museum vol. 16, no.  06; Oct., 1954

    • Fruits; Bats -- Illinois; Art exhibitions; Birds -- Guides; Museums -- Lecture -- Parker, Helen; Art exhibitions -- Calendar
    • Red fruits for October; Bats of Illinois; Art season opens in October; Bird check list available; 'Evening with the old masters'; Art calendar 1954-55
    • The Living Museum vol. 40, no. 03; May - June, 1978

    • Corn -- History -- Midwestern America; Museums -- Employees; Fluorspar -- Mines -- Southern Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Photography -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- 30th Illinois invitational; Museums -- Travel -- Horseshoe Lake
    • 2000 years of corn in the 'corn belt'; Staff changes; Illinois photographers '78; Fluorite, renegades, and the 'tower of Babel'; 30th Illinois invitational;; Natural history tour to Horseshoe Lake
    • The Living museum vol. 55, no. 03; Fall, 1993

    • Museum exhibits -- Dickson Mounds; Dinosaurs -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- handicrafts -- Illinois -- Illinois Art Gallery; Museums -- educational aspects -- Peoples of the past; Museum publications -- excerpts; Art exhibitions -- Prussian,...
    • Exhibits at Dickson Mounds - a continuing story; Dinosaurs in Illinois; Illinois Art Gallery: On exhibit; Discoveries for kids!; Living in the past; Conversation piece; Calendar; New Exhibits at Dickson Mounds - a continuing story; Dinosaurs in...
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 08; December, 1939

    • Bird feeding; Lecture -- Cain, Stanley A. -- Botany; Museum tours; Radio show; Lighting -- Antiques -- Exhibit; Art exhibitions -- Japanese prints; Museum exhibits -- Dinosaur footprints; White-footed deer mouse; Museums -- Acquisitions; Art...
    • Your Christmas birds; Dr. Cain lecture on the Great Smokies; 'Evening guided tours'; 'Tales museums tell'; Ancient lamps in museum; Japanese prints will be shown this month; Special exhibit of Dinosaur footprints; White-footed deer mouse; Some of...
    • The Living Museum vol.  06, no. 12; April, 1945

    • Spring; Catkins; Pepper -- Piper nigrum; Morel mushrooms; Museums -- Services; Art exhibitions -- Paintings -- Neal, Reginald; Art exhibitions -- Sculpture -- Park, Madeleine; Museums - -Educational aspects -- Films
    • Rite of spring; Green flowers; Pepper, empire-builder; Morels, false and true; This is your museum; Art gallery in April
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  06; October, 1942

    • Nature walks; Museums -- Associations -- Conference; Centipedes; Tree crops -- World War Two; Museum exhibits -- Fossils -- Coal age; Mushrooms; Art exhibitions -- Heinz, Adolph; Art exhibitions -- Navajo Guild; Bird migration; Museums -- Audience;...
    • Country road; Centipede at home; Today's problem trees; New exhibit of coal age fossils; Some autumn mushrooms; Art gallery in October; Return of the ducks; Notice to Army camp librarians
    • The Living Museum vol. 59, no. 04; Winter, 1997-98

    • Wildlife refuge -- Illinois -- Emiquon; Birds -- Illinois --Eurasian collared doves; Art exhibitions -- landscape painting -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- poetry -- Illinois; Canoes and canoeing -- history -- LaMoine River; Museum exhibits --...
    • Emiquon: a place in nature, a place in time; A new dove colonizing Illinois; An Illinois portfolio: county farm road; Floating the LaMoine to the past; Abraham Lincoln and the Illinois & Michigan canal; Shape of things to come
    • The Living Museum vol. 31, no. 11; March, 1970

    • Feathers -- Bird coloration; Art exhibitions -- Painting -- North American -- 20th century; Art exhibitions -- Sculpture -- North American -- 20th century; Skunk cabbage; Lunar petrology; Bahama duck -- Illinois
    • Uniqueness of feathers; Contemporary American painting and sculpture; Skunk cabbage in the marsh; Moon fragments received by museum; New bird for Illinois
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  07; November, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Mushrooms -- ; Art exhibitions -- Oriental bronzes -- Condell, Helen -- Condell, Eliza; Art exhibitions -- Silk screens; Museum exhibits -- Crinoidea -- Lowenstein, Heinz; Museum exhibits -- Minerals -- World war two; Goose...
    • Mushroom season; New exhibits in the art gallery; New exhibits; November on Goose Island; Into the earth; All-American Thanksgiving
    • The Living Museum vol. 07, no.  09; Jan., 1946

    • Museum techniques -- Dioramas -- Marchand, Paul; Naturalists; Sycamores; Sundials; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors -- Grossenheider, William Philip -- Southwest Pacific; Art exhibitions -- Illustrations -- Wilson, Edward A.
    • Wizard of the woods; Plant explorers; Sycamores; Clock; Art gallery in January
    • The Living Museum vol. 26, no.  04; Aug., 1964

    • Art exhibitions -- Purchase award -- Addison, Robert W.; Art exhibitions -- North Mississippi Artists exhibition; Nature paths -- Prairies; Interior least tern; Lesquereux, Leo -- Botanist; Nature -- August
    • North Mississippi valley artists; Prairie roadside; Interior least tern; Leo Lesquereux; Almanac for August
    • The Living Museum vol. 33, no. 02; March - April, 1971

    • Cattle egrets -- Illinois; Ogilvie, Richard Buell -- Inauguration; Haeger Pottery -- Illinois; Colt firearms; Land settlement patterns -- Prehistoric era -- Sangamon River valley; Archaeological surveying -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- McMahon,...
    • Cattle egrets; Franklin McMahon: Impressions of an inauguration; Haeger Pottery: one hundred years at Dundee; Colt dragoon for the Museum's collection; Prehistory in the lower Sangamon River drainage; Staff notes; New publications; Staff notes
    • The Living Museum vol.  05, no.  01; May, 1943

    • Bird-watching; American silk moths; Art exhibitions -- 4th annual show by artists of the North Mississippi valley; Museum publications -- Guides -- Native Illinois shrubs; Flowers -- March marigolds; Vegetable gardens -- History; Museum exhibits --...
    • Century run; American silk moth; Flower of the week; Back of the American garden; Price memorial bird egg collection
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no. 10; February, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Hawks; Art exhibitions -- Paintings -- Caldwell, Orval; Cross, Adelyne; Skupas, Anthony; Art exhibitions -- Photographs -- Chicago Tribune; Museum exhibits -- ISM publications; Lecture -- Monteith, John Claire; Woodland path;...
    • No price on their heads; Art gallery in February; 'Children of the sun'; Along the woodland path, no. 8; People of the past; 'Special exhibit of Museum publications';
    • The Living Museum vol. 35, no. 03; May - June, 1973

    • Indians of North America -- Navajo blankets; Art exhibitions -- Metal sculpture -- Burlini, Joseph; Museums -- Publications -- Archaeology; Bluegill; Museum exhibits -- Mastodon; Museums -- Employees; Museums -- Publications -- Living Museum --...
    • 19th century Navajo blankets; Circus wagons by Burlini; New publications; Nesting bluegill; Museum's new mastodon; Staff notes; May-June issue smaller; July-August special issue; 26th Illinois invitational; Archaeological sites of Illinois in...
    • The Living Museum vol. 02, no.  06; October, 1940

    • Kwan-yin -- History; Museum exhibits -- Diorama -- Crete; Oaks -- Illinois; Woodland path; Horseshoe crab -- Exhibition; Museums -- Acquisitions -- Hog-nosed snake -- Shamel, C.H.; Museum trustees -- Meeting; Art exhibitions -- Paintings --...
    • Kwan-yin, the Chinese goddess; Sea-king of Crete; October oaks and where to see them; Along the woodland path, no. 6; Horseshoe crab in the museum; 'A brick-red hog-nosed snake'; 'Museum board of advisors'; Art gallery in October; 'Museum has...
    • The Living Museum vol.  08, no.  08; December, 1946

    • Spring; Incense burner -- Museum collections; Art exhibitions -- Lindsay, Vachel -- Drawings; Museum exhibits -- Wood ticks; Art exhibitions -- Aluminum sculpture -- Huntington, Ann Hyatt; Dolls; Christmas traditions
    • Beginning of spring; Breath of incense; Story of the Christmas doll; Sing Noel!
    • The Living Museum vol. 30, no.  02; June, 1968

    • Tornados; Mammoths; Mastodons; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors; Austin, Phil; Yaworski, Alex; Jones, Win; Art exhibitions -- 21st North Mississippi Valley Artists
    • Tornado; Mammoths and mastodons; Three Illinois watercolorists; Announcing the 21st north Mississippi valley artists exhibition
    • The Living Museum vol. 37, no. 03; May - June, 1975

    • Flowering plants -- Marsh marigolds --Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Ginzel, Roland; Museums -- Acquisitions -- Steinhauer. E.F.; Prehistoric peoples -- Illinois -- Capital Airport site; Art exhibitions -- Children; Museums -- Publications -- Awards...
    • Golden flowers of the marshlands; Paintings by Roland Ginzel; Steinhauer bird collection; Archaic Indians occupied backyard of Capital Airport; Art K-12; Museum curator's book wins recognition; Betty Madden honored; Richard Leary honored by Science...
    • The Living Museum vol. 31, no. 12; April, 1970

    • Wildflowers -- Collinsia sp. -- Illinois; Cottonwoods -- Catkins; Art exhibitions -- Cropsey, Jasper F.; Index -- volume 31; Art exhibitions -- Plastic sculpture -- Moses, Richard
    • An unsolved mystery; Cottonwoods bloom; Jasper F. Cropsey (1823-1900); index -- volume 31; Plastic image
    • The Living Museum vol. 25, no.  04; Aug., 1963

    • Art exhibitions -- 16th North Mississippi Valley Artists; Mushrooms; Plantain lilies; Museums -- Membership; Rain; Museums -- Employees -- Caldwell, Joseph; Museums -- Employees -- Eifert, Herman; Art exhibitions -- Reception
    • Color in the summer gallery; Fairy rings; Plantain lilies in August; Museum Society; Gift of rain; Staff notes; To meet the artists
    • The Living Museum vol. 16, no.  09; Jan., 1955

    • Woodpeckers; Art exhibitions -- Audubon art tours; Firearms -- Muskets; Pueblo pottery -- Industry; Chestnuts -- Disease; Museums -- Educational aspects -- Programs
    • Chisel-bills; Art gallery for January; 'J722'; Tseuque rain gods; Death of the chestnuts; Illinois State museum Presents
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 07; November, 1939

    • Turkeys; Art exhibitions -- Polish art; Raccoons; Museum exhibits -- Mayan objects -- Myers, James; Museum exhibit hall -- Oriental room; Museums -- Hours; Radio show -- Deuel, Thorne; Museums -- Program schedule
    • Story of turkeys; Exhibit of Polish art; In its museum case the raccoon remembers; Modern Maya comes to the museum; Oriental Room; 'new plan for staying open'; Dr. Throne Deuel…series of radio talks; Illinois State museum Art Program, 1939-1940


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